Making a portable instalation

Hi, i need to make a USB portable installation so i can just plug the USB on any PC and work without installing and downloading platformio, toolchains, etc. So i have a USB with letter E: with

  • A python installation on E:\Python\Python311\python.exe
  • A vscode portable installation with platformio extension on E:\VSCode\VSCode-Win32-x64\Code.exe

So first i make a folder where i want to install platformio (E:\.platformio), later i download the script and placed inside the installation folder and opened a powershell terminal.

I then configured the environment variables for the directories:
$Env:PLATFORMIO_CORE_DIR = “E:\\.platformio”
$Env:PLATFORMIO_PLATFORMS_DIR = “E:\\.platformio\\platforms”
$Env:PLATFORMIO_PACKAGES_DIR = “E:\\.platformio\\packages”
$Env:PLATFORMIO_CACHE_DIR = “E:\\.platformio\\.cache”

And executed the installation script:
E:\Python\Python311\python.exe E:\.platformio\

Everything goes well and a E:\.platformio\penv folder is created and the script return no errors, then i opened vscode and changed the following platformio settings:
“platformio-ide.useBuiltinPIOCore”: false
“platformio-ide.customPATH”: “E:\\.platformio\\penv\\Scripts”

Deleted the %user%\.platformio folder and reloaded window, when vscode starts again platformio uses the platformio folder on the drive, but it doesn’t use the packages, platforms and cache folders insted creates again the %user%\.platformio folder and the .cache, platforms, packages and python3 folders and the appstate.json and homestate.json files and uses it

How can i make platformio use exclusively the usb drive? thanks in advance