Make it take the currently open directory as a project?

Creating a new project using the Platform IO interface sucks. It is slow, and even though I only have a few types of boards, there is no such thing as “favourite” and I have to choose one from 1039 types each time, and there is no customisation of templates. So, it is easy for me just to duplicate the directory of an existing project in Windows File Explorer.

Now, if I open the directory in VS Code, Platform IO kind of treats it as a project, because such things as build, upload works, but not completely. One problem is adding libraries to it. When clicking “add to project”, I think the logical action is just add it directly to the current project, but it always asks me to select a project from a whole list of all projects I have used. And, in this case (opening a duplicated directory), it does not show the current project.

I think that Platform IO does not completely treat this directory as a “project”. How can I make it do so? I see “Import Arduino Project” button, but it uses a weird custom directory browser that does not have an address bar. Navigating to the current directory will be pain in the arse, and why should I have navigate to the directory when it is already opened in VS Code? Is that the only way? Isn’t there something like “import this directory as a project” in the Explorer tree of VS Code?