LoRa RSSI calculation in Liligo TTGO LoRa32 v2.1

According to the SX1276 data sheet the RSSI calculation formula should be -157+PacketRssi+PacketSnr*0.25(when using HF port and SNR<0) but in there code there is no SNR part added. secondly the mid band threshold in the code is 868e6 but it should be 525e6. Am i wrong or is there anything wrong in the code? please let me know because i need a very accurate rssi and snr values for my research. Thank you

If there is a bug in the libarry you’re using, please report it in their repository.

Thank you for your response. Yes i reported in their repository in github but still no response.

Can you link to the opened issue? There’s no reference to which library you’re using in your post.

They are just using the Arduino-LMIC library for LoRa(WAN), but a seemingly outdated version fo it.

Current versions of the LMIC library have a better RSSI calculation

Thank you very much. I will try to use those libraries.