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Looking for a more robust way of including libraries into a project

I am working on a rather large project (ESP32 / Arduino framework).
I now have 12+ modules such as ‘touchscreen’, ‘network’, ‘filesystem’, etc. and each of these modules are in separate folder / files under the folder ‘lib’. Of course these modules interact a lot, so many modules include the header files of other modules. Finally these modules use many built-in libraries such as WiFi.h etc. so these are also included.

As my project gets bigger, I am running into problems with the well known “fatal error: WiFi.h: No such file or directory” (see eg. Why is WiFi.h not found by compiler)

I already have lib_deps = WiFi
and I have lib_ldf_mode = chain+
but still I am running into problems when the compiler doesn’t find header files, which are obviously there, because you can simply ctrl+click on them and they open…

QUESTION : Instead of relying on the magic of the LDF, is there not a more robust, manual way of defining all libraries…

  • own in ‘lib’ folder (12+ subfolders)
  • on github (5 libraries)
  • built-in, eg. ESP32-Arduino framework
    …so that these include errors are a thing of the past.
    I think it would also build faster that way because the LDF (chain+) takes quite some time now.

Are there any examples / docs / blogposts on how to do this ? I think it’s a must have for professional. large project developments.

The LDF always decides which libraries make it into the final build, there is no bypassing that, just a massaging into the LDF doing the right thing can be done.

Can you upload that project or a minimal version thereof which shows that problem? We’d surely like to take look into why that is occuring in this scenario.

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Ok, thanks @maxgerhardt
I will prepare an example with a ‘before’ (builds) and ‘after’ (build fails) as soon as I run into the problem again.
Should be one of the next days.

@maxgerhardt : I have sent you a private message with an example (before / after) and short explanation of what I am doing…



Have you found a way for more robust build?

I spend to much time trying to understand why part of my code base suddenly not can be built any more.

I have not touched it, just spent time on other parts of the application.