Looking for a developer to collab/hire


I have a pretty nice experience programming processing and arduino (IDE) and now Im jumping to PIO, which I love, but Im finding nearly impossible to split the code in files.

Currently my code has only 2 files main.h and main.cpp . Around 600 lines. Easy peasy. No spaghetti (yet) but really too long to be in just 2 files.

Question is that I would like to find a experienced developer to help me doing the split in some classes/functions/additional files, etc

The proyect is a drummachine that Im building around the Sega Megadrive audio FM chip. You can watch the machine here:

It´s built around a bluepill. (stm32f103) So the question is: Exists here developers to collab or hire?

If not in this forum, do you know any place where I can ask for it?

I have spent like 4-5 days trying to splitting the code and even if I think Im close to get it compiling, I don´t achieve it yet. I will, hopefully, with some more practice.

Hello there jc2046
I am very new to programming and to this community but with lots of help I have managed to do what I think you are trying to achieve.

I have only done two posts to this community and unfortunately I do not know how to link to my previous post.

Hopefully if you can search for my name you may be able to find it.

Found it