LittleFS - Filesystem Upload - Overwrites Preferences

Hello Everyone!

I got a strange behaviour on my curent project which i am working on. I want to hold some Projectspecific settings in nvs of a ESP8266-01M. The developement is more or less finished but i got troubles by read/write the preferences to the nvs im combination with the filesystem Image of the Webserver.

If I write the Sketch-only, the preferences works perfectly: Parameters are written and read after Boot perfectly! If I start adding the Filesystem Image for the Webserver (.html, .css, .js) the Preferences are gone! No Writing to the NVS correctly any more)

The strange thing i do not understand is, while i am using the Ldscript eagle.flash.1m64.ld in the platformIO.ini file, my Filesystem Image only needs 44kB of Size, and my Built output shows:

RAM: [===== ] 52.8% (used 43280 bytes from 81920 bytes)
Flash: [====== ] 57.7% (used 552917 bytes from 958448 bytes)

which should be also OK?!?

I tryed the sketch with a different ESP12-F and another ld script eagle.flash.2m512.ld which was successfull but changing to the original one gives the same error.

How can i furhter procceed to check? Someone has an idea, why that originial ldscript and the configuration does not work - even that there (should be?) enough reserve?

Hi Community,

have someone found an idea what there can be a solution to this issue?
It is still present - nevertheless i am still using another Linker Script which works!

I still have this issue open :frowning: