List license for libraries and frameworks

I’m considering moving our company code for a range of sensors to PlatformIO to ease collaborative development.

I see library licensing information was added in 2016: license field in library.json · Issue #522 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub
Why isn’t this shown when searching for libraries or even when viewing library details? Github for example shows a label on the start page of each project, also linking to the license file.

Platforms do mention their license, at the very bottom of the right-hand column. Frameworks do not.

My idea is to license some of our code as Apache or equivalent, and some as dual-license GPL and commercial to make sense for the company. It would be important for the users to know the difference.

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Not a whole lot of response here. Would the core team be opposed to the GUI listing license information, if someone were to submit a pull request?

Do you mean to show license in PIO Core? If yes, please file a feature request here GitHub - platformio/platformio-core: A professional collaborative platform for embedded development

No, I mean when browsing libraries and frameworks graphically in VSCode. For example:

Ok I’ll make a feature request when I need the feature.

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Library authors do not provide this information in manifest file. We will fetch this information from VCS provider if possible. I opened an issue for this

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