Linter errors in Atom

I have a platformio project (Marlin 2.0 firmware) that I’m trying to compile in Atom + platformio. The firmware compiles just fine, however, I keep seeing errors in Linter (as seen below). I uninstalled platformio and then Atom and then reinstalled everything and I still see the same errors. What am I missing? This is on a macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

These errors are very valid, because the Configuration.h file does not do a include <macros.h> at the beginning of the file (source).This file contains the needed macros

It still compiles because they include macros.h before the Configuration.h, so it gets fixed up last minute. By itself, Configuration.h is ‘incomplete’ so to say.

TL;DR: valid linter error in the context of just looking at this file. Also this the linter extension complaining and not even PIO.

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Thanks. This was helpful. I was not aware this is not a PIO issue. It is very strange that these errors do not show up with the same project on another machine.

Same Atom and C++/Linter extension version?

Its the same version there too. However, I just noticed that if I make edits to the configuration.h the errors and warnings immediately start showing. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

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