Line length is too short

Hello all,

i work with Platformio a few month and i have to say i LOVE it :slight_smile:
What a different to Arduino IDE :smile:

how can i change line length for the editor ?
maybe it comes also from clang which i use as beautyfier ?

I am sorry, i am not a pro
I did some change in Platformio Settings for line length, but nothing happent.

There is a thin vertical line in the picture to the right.
I would love to get to this line with the code…or at least near by.


Thank you for your help !

I am using Windows 10 and platformio is up to date.

Sorry, i can only use one picture per post as new user in here…

So here is the picture for Settings i made:

Mamybe this helps? Sunsetting Atom | The GitHub Blog

No, it was not the solution to my problem :frowning:
I see this this vertical line and i can also ajust it.
but the wrap around is much before as you see at my picture.

anyway thank you for your answere :slight_smile:
Maybe someone else an idea ?