Libusb - No backend available

Hi there
Where to put libusb-1.0(.dll) to work?

In the same folder as the executable that needs it, that’s how does it.

global for PlatformIO … I not use “tool” exe

With Python libraries using libusb I had good luck putting the libusb dll in the same folder as the python interpeter executing PlatformIO. So, ~/.platformio/penv/bin/.


not working :frowning:

And that is the folder where the used Python executable is per pio system info output?

my mistake … I remove Python path from env[‘ENV’][‘PATH’]

DLL together with .platformio/penv/Scripts/python.exe … work

If you can add arbitrary paths to the PATH, then the libusb dll can also be anywhere, not specifically in the interpreter folder.

yep … later will add tool-folder with this libraries (win, lin, mac…)