Library won't update after fixing a typo in the library.json

Hello, I’m writing about the RF24 library in the PIO lib registry. Currently we have released a feature update (v1.4.0) that also fixed a missing comma in the library.json file. This release happened April 12 2021.

I can understand if the typo (released in v1.3.12) caused the release to not show up in the pio lib registry (I’m not to concerned with v1.3.12 showing), but I assumed that fixing the typo would allow the lib registry to show the release of v1.4.0. However it is not, and we’re on the verge of another release (v1.4.1). I’m hoping to resolve this before we make yet another release.

@ivankravets to the rescue

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We’ve just moved all libraries to the nRF24 organization and granted you as an owner of it. Please use Redirecting... and manage updates manually.

$ pio package publish --owner nrf24

I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt responses. We are back on track now for v1.4.1 release.

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Does this solution mean that all nRF24 repos will no longer be crawled for new releases?

Did the auto-crawl feature start getting phased out with v5.0.0 (I don’t see anything about it in the “migrating 4.x to 5.x” page)?