Library update workflow


I was trying to figure out what is the best way to update my developed library for PIO. Do I just need to change the version in my library.json and properties. or do I also have to make an official repo release on github? Since my library did not update over the last two days


So which library are we talking about?

Indeed. Nothing else should be needed

I have installed VSCode + PlatformIO to programming ESP8266 device.
The “framework-arduinoespressif8266” built-in library that was automatically installed by PlatformIO is not up to date. How can I update it using PlatformIO library manager?
In my case I am talking about ‘EspSoftwareSerial’ library. The library installed by PlatformIO has version 6.4.0 (and this version doesn’t work properly). The latest version is 6.8.1 (it works fine). You can see it here (use ‘SoftwareSerial’ name to search):


The change (submodule update) was made 8 days ago and there wasn’t a new Arduino-ESP8266 since then, so PlatformIO hasn’t picked it up in its stable updates.

You can use platform_packages in your platformio.ini to however direct PIO to use the bleeding-edge git version the ESP8266 Arduino core. Thus it should use the new version of the framework-builtin libraries automatically.

platform_packages =
  ; use upstream Git version
  framework-arduinoespressif8266 @

You need to update version field of manifest and create release tag for it. For examplem version: 1.2.3 and release tag v1.2.3.