Library update not picked up by


I updated my library one and a half day ago to version 0.1.0, but it does not seem to be picked up by the site. The site still says 0.0.6 is the latest version.

I updated by increasing the version number in library.json (and adding a git tag).
Am I missing something?


Something was wrong with GitLab server, it returned a few times 500 ERROR. In this case, PIO disables updates for this library and don’t update automatically.

I’ve just re-enabled updates for a library again.


Thanks that seems to have worked.


How often the PlatformIO checks for the library updates?

Seems I have the same problem.
Could you please check:

Thank you


Please sorry, something went wrong. I’ve just manually triggered an update for your library.

P.S: Also, switched it to library.json manifest


Hi @ivankravets, something seems to be going wrong again [1]. The last two updates were not picked up. Could you have a look?

It might be nice to allow library maintainers to schedule a scan as soon as possible? That’s how they do it on



GitLab isn’t stable service. If PIO Library Crawler can’t fetch library manifest, it marks library as “broken”. In this case, we can fix only manually.

Very often they return 5xx error.

P.S: Now, is fixed! Thanks!


What happens if the manifest itself is wrong/broken?


We mark this library as “inactive” for the next synchronization. We should improve this behaviour, maybe re-check with delay.


Platformio again has not picked up the updated version. Is there anyway you can make it recheck every so often if a project is really dead, or just temporary unavailable?


Thanks, now I see the issue on the server side. It hangs with flock process which maintains our Cron jobs. I’ll investigate it soon.

Thanks a lot for the report!

P.S: Library has been updated. Sorry.


Is there a process to follow to report libraries which don’t appear to be updating? I’m looking at TinyGpsPlus which was updated 28 days ago to 1.0.2, but is still at 1.0.0 in the PIO library .


The author forgot to update manifest. See