Library updatable on Arduino IDE but not on PlatformIO

Hi, I want to update a library to 1.0.2 but on PlatformIO it’s stuck on 1.0.0!

The library is the Versatile_RotaryEncoder and the is correctly updated with the 1.0.2 tag.

Can anyone solve this problem on PlatformIO?


CC @ivankravets for PlatformIO Registry

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I did an update yesterday and named it 1.0.3 just to be processed by PlatformIO, and it worked.

What I did was simple to remove these extra files/folders from the git repository that for some reason PlatformIO doesn’t like:

  • include
  • lib
  • test
  • .gitattributes

Finally I also added the line .vscode to the file .gitignore.

I remember that the platform Arduino accepted the previous library versions with all the files above now removed.