Library not updating from GitHub

I have problem with our library on PlatformIO, library ALKS (GitHub) does not update in PIO registry. Any solution?

Please fix ArduinoLearningKitStarter-library/library.json at master · RoboticsBrno/ArduinoLearningKitStarter-library · GitHub and validate with

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Thanks for your help.

I have another question, creating another thread seems as not good idea. The example buttonSetLed.ino was updated in latest release, but on PIO is still the old one.

What is wrong with that example? GitHub - RoboticsBrno/ArduinoLearningKitStarter-library at v1.1.1

Hmm, sorry for bothering, it seems like just that one example was cached in my browser locally, the other two were up to date. I’ve just cleared the browser cache and it is fine.