Library not updated 2


This seems to be a recurring theme, but my library is not being updated: PlatformIO Registry

Could you have a look at the queue / crawler.


You’ve got a version number specified in your library.json but no corresponding version tagged on your repo… Tagging that last commit may be sufficient (since it also has the bump of the version number) for the crawler to accept it (after waiting 24ish hours for the rescan), or Ivan may need to prod the crawler, unless you want to do another minor version bump whilst also tagging the commit, as that did work for someone else just recently.

Hey, I’ve added the tags but it’s still stuck. Could you have a look at the crawler?

@ivankravets … can you slap the crawler with a large fishbot please! :laughing:

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Sorry, fixed. We can’t wait when throw away this legacy registry. We work so hard on a new registry and plan to release this month. Now, all forces are moved to it.


@pfeerick Thank you so much for pinging me time to time when my help is needed!!! :blush:

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