Library management

Just started using Platformio, previously used arduino ide, and thought I would change. After a lot of trial and error, I,m starting to get the hang of it. (But!).I,ve installed ext, libraries ok, but the program I am writing will use bluetooth. The library for this is built in, so how do I get the relevant info. into lib-deps. Being new to this, I have read several things about library manager,cli and cant get my head around it, Is there a simple way to do this manually. I tried to put “BluetoothSerial” in PlatformIO.ini / lib-deps, but that didnt work.
Regards LaLock

For libraries that are contained in the framework (e.g., the Arduino core), you don’t have to add them to lib_deps at all. Just reference them in your source code directly.

Thanks for your reply M, the reason for my question, which I should have included, was that when compiled I get an error “couldnt recognise bluetoothserial”. this was a project that had been working in arduino that I wanted to import into platformio. Due to some errors, I decided to copy and paste small bits of code gradually and fix any errors. After your reply I decided to investigate further and found the problem. I had created an instance of bluetooth serial (bluetoothserial serialbt) but put it before the header file. All fixed now, thanks
regards lalock