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Library.json Keywords not showing up in Library Manager

I recently added a library.json file to my library and created a release on GitHub, in it, there are more than one keywords but in the library manager, the keywords aren’t showing up.

LcdMenu by Forntoh Thomas · Libraries · PlatformIO

NB: The library was originally registered to Arduino Libraries, I guess PlatformIO just picked it up from there.

I would really love to see those tags appear in the library manager, it makes the library more accessible.

Hm, the only difference I can see between ArduinoJson and your library is that in the keywords it uses a single string

And that shows up as


whereas the library.json in the published version does

and shows up as


Maybe @ivankravets can help here on why that is – per docs it’s valid.

Yeah, it’s valid

library.json — PlatformIO latest documentation

It is supposed to work with either.

Yes, this is the answer to your question. A registry uses for metadata. We have just manually switched it to library.json. The metadata will be updated based on library.json on the new release. You can also personally manage releases using pio package publish — PlatformIO latest documentation command.

Thanks, I will keep publishing it to the Arduino library repository because I want it to be available for users who don’t use PlatformIO, I’m glad that the next release will use the library.json file.