Library.json - hos to indicate no framework required?

I’ve written the library normandunbar/AVRmillis and published it successfully. However, the library is for the atmelavr platform, but for plain AVR C++ code without a framework.

The docs at Redirecting... indicate that where a library is valid for all frameworks, to either leave out the “framework” line in the library.json file, or to set it to “*”.

My problem is that I don;t want it for all frameworks (which is how it’s currently published) but for none, and there doesn’t appear to be an option for “none”.

Is this currently possible?


If it’s for “none”, doesn’t that imply that it will also work for “all”?

Well, I didn’t think so, but I see your thinking.

The library is written in plain AVR C++ and the platform is “atmelavr”. I was of the opinion that “" meant “all” as in everything - STM32, AVR, whatever – but now you mention it, I’m now leaning towards "” meaning “everything on the atmelavr platform”

I was thinking that it wasn’t suitable for a board like a Due, with an Atmel (microchip) microcontroller, but looking at the docs again, I see that that board is on the “atmelsam” platform, so not affected.

I shall consider this thread closed now, thank you very much, it was obvious really! :blush: