Library is not updating in Platformio registry

I am the authour of this arduino library PlatformIO Registry

The version in the registry seems to be stuck at 0.0.1 even though the GitHub repo has the current tag of 0.1.8 and has been at this version for 3 days.

Is there anything I can do to get the Platformio registry updated to the latest version?


Did you do a pio pkg publish for initially pushing the library to the PIO registry?

Thanks Max. This seems to be the issue. The library seems to have been picked up automatically from the Arduino library repo. It is published from the LNbits repo, I’m a contributor there GitHub - lnbits/arduino-nostr

I’ve now set myself up as the owner of the library, but when I try pio pkg publish --owner lnbits I get the error

Error: You do not have permission to publish a package using the lnbits account

and if I try to publish without the --owner flag it looks as though it will publish to blackcoffeexbt/Nostr rather than lnbits/Nostr

Warning! A package with the name `Nostr` is already published by the next owners: lnbits

Are you sure you want to publish the library blackcoffeexbt/Nostr@0.1.8 to the registry?

Any ideas what I can do to publish to lnbits/Nostr?

CC @ivankravets could you help out here with publishing?

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Could you provide an output of pio org list comamnd?

Thanks Ivan! Looks like I’m now in the lnbits org and have updated the lib.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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