Library include order

i am working on a ESP32 project using PlatformIO, let’s call it TheProject
the project include an external library that i am also working on, let’s call it myLib

I use
lib_deps = myLib
in TheProject platformio.ini file, so when other people work on TheProject, myLib is automatically downloaded as an external library.

But in my case i need to overwrite the remote loaded library with a local git-ed version so i can work on both myLib and TheProject at the same time.
I tried to clone myLib in TheProject/lib or even in TheProject/src, think it would overwrite the lib_deps remote version during compilation but the lib_deps version seems to take over no matter what: this means lib_deps is included before TheProject/lib or TheProject/src.

Any idea :

  • to let other people use myLib thru lib_deps
  • to let me overwrite myLib with a local git-ed version

Thanks !