Library has changes not pushed to registry? [ESPAsyncWebServer]

I want to use the latest revision of GitHub - me-no-dev/ESPAsyncWebServer: Async Web Server for ESP8266 and ESP32

If I set my lib-deps to me-no-dev/ESP Async WebServer @ ^1.2.3 or just me-no-dev/ESP Async WebServer, I do not get the latest code that is available on the github repo.

The registry shows, that I get a 4-yo code: PlatformIO Registry

Interestingly, the lib does not define any tags nor releases for versioning.

I know that I can “manually” specify to download the lib directly from github: lib_deps = – but I’d rather have a “normal” semantic versioning.

So……… the question is: who should fix what? :wink:

I mean, I don’t understand how the Registry can contain multiple versions, when those versions are not defined in the github repo, using tags/releases. I’m starting to guess that it is not “automatic”, but “manual” process and the repo maintainer has to publish the version independently of github tags/releases, by… hmm… doing pio pkg publish — PlatformIO latest documentation [?].

Should I encourage them to do that, or anything else?

No one is obliged to do anything and they can’t be expected to either, so something else might be the best option. When I was adding the lib recently to an 8266 project I noticed that the esphome port of it was the one showing in the library manager, so went for that one initially. Maybe it has the changes you want. Otherwise, just use the 1.2.3 version or point directly to the repo for simplicity. To insulate yourself from the possibility of a change down the line, you could always fork the repo and point to your own copy.

The author of the library did not do a version increase so in PlatformIO’s eyes it’s the latest stable released version. It’s up to the authors to do a version increase.

Getting the latest version can be done with

lib_deps =

or pinned to a commit

lib_deps =

per docs.

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So what exactly do they need to do? pio pkg publish? I’m asking as I’ve never maintained a pio registered library, and I want to propose a quick and easy solution for them to release the new version.