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Library Dependency Issue


I am trying to add a dependency to one of my libraries from another but I am getting the error:

Error: Could not find `Micro Debug` dependency for `ArduinoMongoose` library


The library.json for the ArduinoMongoose library is:

  "name": "ArduinoMongoose",
  "keywords": "network",
  "description": "Arduino style wrapper arround Mongoose library",
    "type": "git",
    "url": ""
      "name": "Jeremy Poulter",
      "email": "",
      "maintainer": true
  "version": "0.0.2",
  "frameworks": "arduino",
  "platforms": "*",
  "dependencies": [
      "name": "Micro Debug",
      "version": "~0.0.2"

and Micro Debug is registered ok, and if you install from the command line it works fine, eg

pio lib install "Micro Debug"

One oddity that may be related, I did have to change the name from MicroDebug to Micro Debug to avoid a conflict with

Anyone any ideas?

This is a feature of current PlatformIO Core 3.0. I’ve just opened an issue for this case

A temporary solution is to replace your line in .travis.yml from

- ln -sf $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR ~/.platformio/lib


pio lib -g install $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR
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Ah, thanks. That is probably ok for CI, but for local dev it would be nice to have something similar to NPM’s npm link

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