Library changes when porting WiFi app from Espressif IDE to IOPlatform

I have an DOIT ESP32 Devkit board that I have been experimenting with, transmissing data via sockets over WiFi.
My initial development was on a MAC using the Espressif IDE with command line to build, install and monitor.
I recently decided to try the IOPlatform on a Windows PC. Installed IPlatform, and configured it for the ESP32. Ported the code over from the MAC and tried to build. Mostly it was successful. However there are a number of enums which seem to be missing. For example the tcpip_adaptor.h file on the MAC contains the following declarations:

    /** IP event declarations */
typedef enum {
    IP_EVENT_STA_GOT_IP,               /*!< ESP32 station got IP from connected AP */
    IP_EVENT_STA_LOST_IP,              /*!< ESP32 station lost IP and the IP is reset to 0 */
    IP_EVENT_AP_STAIPASSIGNED,         /*!< ESP32 soft-AP assign an IP to a connected station */
    IP_EVENT_GOT_IP6,                  /*!< ESP32 station or ap or ethernet interface v6IP addr is preferred */
    IP_EVENT_ETH_GOT_IP,               /*!< ESP32 ethernet got IP from connected AP */
} ip_event_t;

These are not present in the tcpip_adaptor.h installed with IOPlatform.

Similarly esp_wifi_types.h does not contain the WiFi event declaration enum:

   typedef enum {
    WIFI_EVENT_WIFI_READY = 0,           /**< ESP32 WiFi ready */
    WIFI_EVENT_SCAN_DONE,                /**< ESP32 finish scanning AP */
    WIFI_EVENT_STA_START,                /**< ESP32 station start */
    WIFI_EVENT_STA_STOP,                 /**< ESP32 station stop */
    WIFI_EVENT_STA_CONNECTED,            /**< ESP32 station connected to AP */
    WIFI_EVENT_STA_DISCONNECTED,         /**< ESP32 station disconnected from AP */
    WIFI_EVENT_STA_AUTHMODE_CHANGE,      /**< the auth mode of AP connected by ESP32 station 

Can I ask if this is to be expected. ie. Do we have a different set of libraries and operation mechanisms under IOPlatform (and therefore I will need to trawl through the examples to determine what I need to do) or have I got the configuration wrong.


What version of the ESP-IDF were you using on the Mac? Are you using the same version on Windows with PlatformIO? i.e. as of platform-expressif32 v1.10, ESP-IDF 3.3 LTS is being used.


Thanks for the reply. I checked on the MAC. I downloaded the IDE on 1-August, and the version I downloaded was the 4.0 Beta version. My bad.


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