Libraries not finding ESP platform libraries

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue outlined in this thread, but the “fix” there is not working for me.

I have a Library, lets call it “ESP-Wrapper” that #includes <EEPROM.h>, but when I try build a new project that is has lib_deps=ESP-Wrapper, I get an error about EEPROM.h not being found.

Now I had two errors, one with EEPROM, another with ESP8266WiFi. I was able to resolve the wifi problem by adding ESP8266WiFi as a dependency in the ESP-Wrapper library.json file. However, trying to do the same thing for EEPROM just results in some random EEPROM library being installed.

Any Idea how I can force a library to resolve locally, or otherwise solve this issue?


I’ve solved this. If anyone else is having this issue, you can simply specify the library author (which you can find in .platformio/packages/framework<esp | avr | etc>/libraries/< library >/ inside your library.json file, with the key “authors”.
You should get a result like this: