Libraries are created in an unwanted subfolder

When the components folder is created using libdeps_dir = components, a subfolder with the board name components/az-delivery-devkit-v4 is also automatically created. The problem is that all the libraries are automatically installed in this subfolder and some do not work because they must be right under “components.” Can someone please help me by telling me how I should do so that this subfolder is not created?
Thanks in advance.

Wrong approach. libdeps_dir, which is by default .pio/libpeps, will always use the name of the environment to then store the sublibraries. It will do that no matter if you have one or multiple environments in your platformio.ini file.

Currently one cannot pull in ESP-IDF components via lib_deps or libdeps_dir tricks. You could either save the component directly in components/, use git submodules (+ recursive clone) or, and I’m unsure with this one, use ESP-IDF dependency management with a special file that’s evaluated by the Cmake somehow (idf_component.yml):

Thanks you, I appreciate your response.