Libraries and Arduino

When I load Arduino I get a series of windows about invalid names for libraries - Its annoying to close all those windows

My assumption is that these are PIO / VSCode libraries that are being put in with the default arduino libraries

Where / how to i set a PIO default libraries folder that is separate from Arduino ???

You mean the Arduino IDE? Can you show a screenshot of that?

No. PlatformIO always has a separate library directory from Arduino IDE. Either it uses per-project management (lib_deps), that get stored in the .pio folder of the project, or global libraries in C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\lib. PlatformIO works completely independently of Arduino IDE and doesn’t need it or use it in any shape or form.

They already are separate.

user>.platformio\libarduino library error on load

the is the screen I get - I got totally frustrated and just deleted all the library folders . I am installing the libraries into each project now, so an update to a library wont wreck a project … Thanks for the great information i will be noodling around in the directories …