Lib for MAX7219

to display decimal dots on MAX7219 based 7-segment displays I like to use the NoiascaLedControl.h lib

found at: Arduino Noiasca LED Control with print method (MAX7219/MAX7221)

However incuding #include <NoiascaLedControl.h> the lib manager couldn’t find this library anyway.
Thanks for any hint

The library is not registered with the library registry (PlatformIO Registry). So you either have to download manually and put the library in the lib/ folder of the project, or add lib_deps = in the platformio.ini of the project. I would heavily recommand a local copy though, because you don’t know when that blog site eventually goes down.

Alternatively, use one of the 29 other registered arduino libraries that give you MAX7219 support – there’s no shortage of them.