Lib_dep Path Links Keep Getting Removed

Hi there,
I have installed an external library into my Pio project using "pio lib install /path/to/library"
Then I use the .gcc-flags.json file to modify the gccIncludePaths to include “…/.piolibdeps” to the folders that I will be referencing.
I also change the .clang_complete file to include the -I/path/to/library. However, when I build the project, it does not try to compile with the libraries I am attempting to link. And using #include for the header files I want to use simply throws the error that they are not available.
How do I get the IDE to recognize the paths and compile my lib_dep sources?
Thank you in advance!

What does mean lib_dep? Why you edit manually PlatformIO’s system files?

lib_dep are the library dependents. I then link it in the gcc-flags file so that it will compile.
I edited the system files manually because I couldn’t get them to update!

  1. It should be lib_deps, not “lib_dep”
  2. Please don’t touch .gcc-flags.json, PlatformIO will generate valid config automatically when you use correct options.

I have modified platform.ini to include the lib_deps library that I have installed. However, when I try to build, it still tells me that the library has not been found in the PlatformIO registry. It does not find the file or the library tree that I am trying to compile.

Which library isn’t in repository? Please share platformio.ini file here.

It tells me that Library_ff087 is not in the repository. Although I have used pio lib install, and it checks in just fine.

platform = atmelsam
board = due
framework = arduino
lib_deps = Library_ff087
lib_extra_dirs = ~/.piolibdeps/Library_60f06

Please read the documentation before You don’t need lib_extra_dirs, also use library name for lib_deps.

How do I know what the library name is? I just took it from pio lib list

It’s not in there, that is why I’m trying to link it myself!

Check “lib/readme.txt” in the project folder

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