Learning and Expanding in understanding PlatformIO IDE etc

I have now been using PlatformIO for years versus Arduino IDE. Even so, please consider me as a noob. I have been in and out of platformio documents but there seems to lack some detail on compilers and libraries especially the setup of such material.

I have come across a bug and the very same bug also exist in the Arduino IDE Arduino.h Wire.h Read() function…

For those who might be interested in what I believe to be a bug (which it may not be) is located at MageMCU at Github under the repository HMC5883L. There you’ll find the Bug Report.

I try to stay away from forums because they usually have an attitude. With that said, it seems I do not have a choice. I really need to understand how to use PlatformIO while programming in a HIGH LANGUAGE like C++… I have always believed that the code near the bare metal of the MCU should be written in C and Assembly but on top of this I need to use OOP like C++ for advanced programming in Artificial Intelligence.

OK I am ready to receive the communities enlightenment and maybe a helpful direction. Thank you.

Jesse Carpenter
Carpenter Software

Addendum: If possible please move post to PlatformIO IDE. I think I am in the wrong category…


New data: Pololu LSM303D Compass testing shows that the previous bug about the HMC5883L Arduino’s Wire.h was erroneously concluded prematurely without having the adequate information. The LSM303D testing shows that the code for the HMC5883L needs further work. 20230228