LDF Circular Dependencies

As far as I know, a circular dependency occurs when two include files (.h), include each other.
However I noticed that the LDF also detects circular dependencies when scanning .cpp files.
This leads to problems, mostly some include files not being found and so the build fails.

I tried to reproduce the problem with a minimalistic project : Strooom/demo_cr (github.com)

It has 2 lib folders ‘maincontrol’ and ‘network’, each containing a simple class with corresponding name, consisting of a .h file and a .cpp file:


now maincontrol.cpp and network.cpp both include maincontrol.h and network.h

#include "maincontrol.h"
#include "network.h"

I think to c++ standards, this should be perfectly ok, but still when I build this in PIO, I get the warning

Scanning dependencies...
Warning! Circular dependencies detected between `C:\Users\pasca\Documents\Projects\Software\demo_cr\lib\network` and `C:\Users\pasca\Documents\Projects\Software\demo_cr\lib\maincontrol`
Dependency Graph
|-- maincontrol (License: Unknown, Path: C:\Users\pasca\Documents\Projects\Software\demo_cr\lib\maincontrol)
|   |-- network (License: Unknown, Path: C:\Users\pasca\Documents\Projects\Software\demo_cr\lib\network)
|-- network (License: Unknown, Path: C:\Users\pasca\Documents\Projects\Software\demo_cr\lib\network)

Is there any solution to this ? The warning could be ignored, but I know from experience that in more complex project, eventually the LDF stops including files and as a result the build will fail…

Please @platformio, could you look into this problem?
Or suggest a workaround…