Lately PlatformIO IDE is taking long time to display project task tree

I’ve noticed that recently when loading a folder or making changes to platformio.ini, it takes a long time, up to a minute or more, to rebuild the project task tree on the left panel. The platformIO icon shows a small clock while this happens.
Never saw this behavior in the past, has something changed lately?

It’s been very slow for months now, and its very annoying.
Do you think its a bug or is it really doing something that takes a minute or more to complete?

Is this command fast when you type from PlatformIO Core CLI? (terminal icon in the bottom status bar)

pio project init --ide vscode

This command takes about 9 seconds…
However the project tasks loading… takes minutes.
On the other hand… it’s an opportunity to abondon the mouse and learn the CLI :slight_smile: