Keeping data in flash memory after upload

I’m new with platflormio. Thank you for all this great work.
I’m trying to use platformio instead arduino ide for my existing domotic application with esp (01, 12 and 32)

It’s seemed all good but I stil have a problem with data stored in flash memory.

I don’t upload data, the firmware uses littleFS to store and read data, but each time I upload a new firmware created by platformio the datas are erased.

If I create the firmware with arduino, after the upload, I could still read the last data .

I have search a topic about this, but I did’nt find.

I would be very glad if someone could help me.
Thank you

Do you have a minimal project that demonstrates this problem?

Hello Max,
I’ll try to send you a very simple example this evening or tomorrow.

I have minimized my project to test but it is still to big.

thank you

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Thank you Max for the advice.

I’ve made a little example and I have tested it with esp-01, esp-12 in serial upload and in OTA, the datas are’nt erased.

So there is a bug in my project, I’ll search it.