It posible to add dragino board?

Hi, im New using plataformio and i will like to know if it it’s possible add the dragino boards (for LoRa connection) as custom boards or if there is not support yet for this type of boards.

Thanks a lot!

Link for the boards you’re talking about please? I only know of the Dragino LoRa shields ( is basically an RFM95W LoRa radio and level shifter chips. Those are not microcontroller boards themselves - you plug them e.g. on top of an Arduino Uno and compile the firmware for the uno target - which is of course supported by PlatformIO. These shields are not boards in PIO’s sense. Or did you have another board in mind, and if yes which exactly with link please?

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Hi friend !
I try to connect the dragino gateway LG01-P that have a arduino yun microcontroller but in the link above in the page 13, shows that its necesary to add a board url in the arduino preferences (see images) to find the board in the board list, so i dont know that this is possible in platformio.

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If it’s Arduino Yun compatible, is there any reason you can’t you just treat it like the Arduino Yun (board = yun in your platformio.ini)? Then install the libraries as required… which looks to be only RadioHead (you may be able to use the generic one, or have to use the one dragino provided).

Hi friend, thanks for your answers.
I have been researching and i found that the gateway LG01-P does not have and arduino yun, have an arduino UNO that connect with other modules (see block diagram image), I tried to program the gateway selecting this board in the arduino IDE and the ip port detected (see IDE image) and it worked, basically i programmed arduino UNO trough a ip-port, the problem now is that i cant do the same in platformio. when i add “upload_port = ip port” in the platformio.ini and upload, show me an error (see platformio image), I read the documentation and it seems that platformIO dont allow this upload protocol with the arduino UNO board, i dont know that is there sometehing else that can be done, thanks a lot for help me.

Ok, I had a closer look at the boards.txt file Dragino bundled, and I can see what’s going on now. They’ve defined several boards… Dragino Yún + Leonardo, Dragino Yún + UNO or LG01/OLG01, Dragino Yún + Mega 2560, etc. and only major differenc between the Dragino defintion and the stock one is that Dragino are setting upload.via_ssh=true, because it’s the Dragino Linux module that programs the chip. So, having said that, I had a poke around, and this issue seems to address this.

There are two approaches to programming this sort of device…

  • PIO Remote (basically a small helper program runs on the Dragino Linux module, and allows PlatformIO to remotely program the Atmega328P)
  • You use a custom script to do the actual upload, basically the one mentioned here with whatever tweaks are needed for your specific setup.

Let me know if that help :wink:

Hi friend
I tried to do what you said, but when i tried to install platformIO CORE (for Remote PIO) in the linux module that uses openWRT linux distribution (with python 2.7.9 and pip 1.5.6) with “pip install -U platformio” shows me an error (see image) it seems like the memory of the module is not enought to install the package or i dont know if the version of python or the linux distribution affects the install. will you have some suggest ? :sweat_smile: fate doesn’t want it to work :slightly_frowning_face:
thanks a lot