Issues with platform io on windows 11

Im trying to build firmware for my 3d printer (ender 3 4.2.7 main board).

I dont even know where to begin to describe my issue (brand new to VScode and coding in general and it generally doesn’t jive well with y brain for some reason) but I’ve tried running is wsl and platform io will load but then I get all kinds of other errors with missing files. Lets ignore the wsl issues though since I know this should work on my system. Works on my very slow and outdated windows 10 machine (Asus t100) but I really need this to work on my main computer so I can actually run things somewhat fast and from one system.

I get lots of errors. specifically intellisense just gets stuck rebuilding forever.

The latest errors seen in the attached screen shots. There are more but I dont have screen caps of everything that ive seen. hopefully this is enough to start. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA!

But if you could create a project, then you got past the installer stage shown in the screenshot? Or does it hang eternally there?

it hangs eternally there

I’m pretty sure I’ve tested PlatformIO in the official Windows 11 VM provided by Microsoft in the past and it worked fine, but I will recheck.

I am using PlatformIO on windows 11 without any issues.

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I know it can work on win 11 but I’m trying to figure out how to make it work for me

avast was on silent mode and was blocking platformio. I have resolved this issue and now need to do a test build

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hi. i am having the same problem in windows 11.
please let me know if you find solution.

hi. sir g.

jb aap ne windows 11 main vs code main platformio ko install kia tu aysi koi b aap ko problm nhi aai . jesa keh mujhe yah problem platformio main aai hay.