Issues using PlaformIO with vscode on Manjaro

I have been using PlatformIO randomly last year.
Now I would like to enhance one of my projects and started code-oss. But I got an Error with the PlatformIO extension.
Of course the system has been updated meanwhile …

I found that the PlatformIO extension installed is really outdated.

But when searching for a new extension I did not find PlatformIO !

There is no “upgrade” option, and the menu entry “install another version” is grayed out.

Is this a problem, since I’m using code-oss with Manjaro-Linux instead of vscode with Windows?
How to find out, what is going on?

Funny, last time this question was asked regarding the OSS version of VSCode and PlatformIO, they did not have PlatformIO in their marketplace, at all. This has been discussed multiple times at e.g. PlatformIO IDE not in marketplace

And now they have it but it’s outdated? Hm.

From my understanding, the “right” PlatformIO extension is only in the Microsoft VSCode marketplace version. The extension also depends on the C/C++ extension by Microsoft.

Thank you for pointing me into the right direction.

Looks like PlatformIO is working fine now with code-oss.
Had to install a patch / AUR package “code-marketplace”.

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