Issues Installing PlatformIO core in VIsual Studio Code

Hello Everyone, I am very new at this and don’t know a lot. I tried looking through the discussions to see if anyone else had a similar issue but I couldn’t find anything that was exactly the same. I have tried many google searches and youtube videos. I appreciate any help that is offered. My problem is PlatformIO is failing to launch or install correctly (I believe). I keep getting this message;

Installing PlatformIO Core…
Please do not close this window and do not open other folders until this process is completed.
PlatformIO IDE installed successfully.
Please restart VSCode.

But when I restart VSCode, it keeps repeating this and says it’s installing everytime. I have tried uninstalling PlatformIO, Auto Build Marlin, all the extensions that are installed when you install PlatformIO. I have even uninstalled VSCode, and python, then downloaded new versions/old versions of both. I always download python first, making sure that the PATH box is checked, then download VSCode. I have re-created this issue on another computer, and the issue seems to happen after upgrading from the 3.7 python that automatically gets installed with the program, to 3.8. Once again any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been trying to solve this for almost a week.

Could you try to install PlatformIO Core manually using this installer?

I had exactly same experience when I didn’t install python.
After installing python 3.7 (not 3.8), the problem is solved.

For me the problem is that I had

$ cat ~/.config/pip/pip.conf 
no-dependencies = yes

In my pip.conf file. Once I removed the no-dependencies then it all seemed to work again.
I guess I’ll have to remember to disable dependency installation myself whenever I futz around with pip packages.

Make sure the version of python you installed is 3.7. When I reinstalled python, the vs code installed core automatically and didn’t repeat installing.