Issue with serial monitor (not sending complete messages)

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am sending commands via the insert text prompt through the serial monitor but it doesn’t send the whole input box but rather sends part of it and then when I send the next command it also sends something including text that it didn’t send previously.

my settings (default)
/dev/ttyUSB0 19200,8,N,1 —

in the screenshot attached you can see the output, basically i’ve send “a” first then I’ve send sdasd (it included the “a” that it didn’t send the first time and so on…

Arduino IDE serial monitor sends everything correctly at the same baud rate and everything
I can’t attach a second image because I’m a new user but basically the arduino gets everything that I typed in the serial monitor input box.

the code builds and uploads just fine :slight_smile:

Did you try Copy/Paste hotkey?

yeah, same thing, unless something changed there by now it wont work either.

We will improve our Serial Monitor soon and provide an option to send a buffer without a typing. Nevertheless, Serial Monitor is common instrument. You can use temporary separate programs which have better interface while we didn’t provide own.

The interface is good, It would be great if It’d send correct data though.

I don’t know if it’s an issue with encoding or something but somewhere between the input box and serial interface the data gets corrupted or doesn’t get send completely. It just doesn’t send the whole input box rather part of it. Or a new line, I really have no way of debugging it.

Does it work when you paste data directly to a terminal?