Issue with "Project tasks" is VSCode 1.89 on Win10

Im using the portable version of VSCode on Win10, and with my PlatformIO projects I usually have multiple configurations/environments. Under the “Projects tasks” pane at the left hand side I am using the “Multi environment mode”, so I get a tree of the different items, and the related tasks under each one.

Yesterday I updated VSCode from 1.88 to 1.89, and that caused the “Projects tasks” pane to no longer work in the multi mode. Sometimes I will see the root items, but when I try to expand one of them, the pane just flickers and then goes all empty, so it isn’t useable.

I can pick a specific environment with the leftmost button at the top, and it will appear in the pane normally, but the multi mode (which I prefer to use) is completely broken for me.

I tried downgrading to VSCode 1.88 again, and it works as expected there, so this does appear to be a VSCode issue (or at least some change they did). However, it is perhaps still possible that this is something that needs to be fixed in the PlatformIO extension, I don’t really know.

Can anyone else confirm this issue?

It seems this was fixed in 1.89.1 of VSCode.