Issue with multiple targets

In platformio.ini I have created an env with the following target in order to flash an ESP8266:

targets = clean, upload, uploadfs, monitor

(other options are omitted for brevity)

I would expect they run sequentially, instead they run in parallel. Running in parallel, they lead to an obvious error since the last 3 targets try to acquire the serial port all together (the fastest target is monitor, so in the end upload and uploadfs fail).

What am I missing something?

That’s uh, unexpected. The documentation at

also doesn’t say anything about concurrency (or in-sequence for that matter).

I would imagine that it just internally transforms it to pio run -t clean -t upload -t uploadfs -t monitor, but even then those should run sequentually.

Maybe some thoughts from @ivankravets?

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This is a known issue. Please report it to Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

A temporary solution is to pio run --jobs 1.

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Thanks for the workaround! I have opened the issue on github Issue with multiple targets · Issue #4604 · platformio/platformio-core (

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