Issue: Platformio CI throws a lot of "stray in program" on linking time, when using --lib="."

Have you resolved this issue?

By a workaround, @ivankravets:
Instead of passing --lib="." to platformio ci in .travis.yml (.travis.yml@4a9fc29), I added the installation step platformio lib -g install file://$(pwd) (.travis.yml@d08982b)

A first, not so better, workaround tried with sucess, was when every example folder was considered a PlatformIO example (please check Arduino_IDE folder in the commit 56787d5c4c9 of AsharaStudios/GuruxDLMS.c) and in all of them, the same URL of the repo itself, was added to lib_deps in their respective platformio.ini, but that implied that PlatformIO was going to clone the repo again in .piolibdeps/, which doesn’t sound so clever considering that the library is placed in a parent folder.

But any try to consider the project as a library has failed (see travis logs linked in the first comment of the mentioned GitHub Issue).

By that, I changed the title from “Platformio CI throws a lot of “stray in program” on linking time, just in Travis, not locally”