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Is zeroconf linked dynamically or statically?

Hello there,
for commercial use, it would be important to know if zeroconf is linked dynamically or statically because of its license.
Does someone know, which is the case?

Kind regards Nick

Do you mean in the PlatformIO where zeroconf is used to search for mDNS devices during an upload (source) or in a compiled firmware?

CC @ivankravets

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We ship it as a dependency to the PlatformIO Core. However, we don’t need it at all until you list mDNS devices. Does it seem we can remove it from “hard” dependencies? Are other PlatformIO Core dependencies are good?

The other dependencies have a permissive license, as far as I know. Last time I checked it was:
Minimum requirements:
Bottle - MIT
Click - BSD-3-Clause
Colorama - BSD-3-Clause
Marshmallow - MIT
Pyelftools - Unlicense
Requests - Apache-2.0
Semantic Version - BSD-2-Clause
Tabulate - MIT

Home requirements:
Aiofiles - Apache-2.0
Ajsonrpc - MIT
Starlette - BSD-3-Clause
Uvicorn - BSD-3-Clause
Wsproto - MIT

Thanks, fixed it in

Please upgrade to dev-version via pio upgrade --dev.

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