Is there a zephyr config tool

Is there a tool to build the prj.conf files. I think there was one that used west. I cannot find in in the .platformio/packages/framework-zephyr tree.

The documentation refers to the KConfig files for configuration. This post says it seems accessible via the ninja menuconfig (similiar to menuconfig in ESP-IDF). I don’t know if such a menu is also accessible via PlatformIO commands, at least it’s not noted in the docs. Maybe @valeros can comment here?

I found west but not a on-top tool that uses west. Do you have a link?

Thanks Maximillian,
The ninja menuconfig is what I was looking for. The file structure zephyr uses for platformio is incompatible with ninja menuconfig. I’ll see if I can figure out a way to make it work.

HI @mron! Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, there is no support for menuconfig target for Zephyr, but we plan to add it in the near future.

Hi all,

Sorry to revive this old topic, but I haven’t found anything more recent on the topic. As some advance been made since then ?
I haven’t seen any “enhancement” issue on Github around KConfig for zephyr.
Is there a roadmap somewhere where I could follow this feature dev’ ?