Is there a work around?


This VsCode error have made it impossible for me to continue work on my project.

The connection to the terminal's pty host process is unresponsive, the terminals may stop working.

There is a number of issues reported on the VsCode site about this problem ( one is mine ) but no working solution. Do we have any suggestion on this platformIo forum.

I’ve been stuck at least two weeks…

In what type of situations, under which software and OS versions does this occur? Does PlatformIO cause it?

No, I don’t think PlatformIo caused this problem. But eveyone developing using PlatformIo must have problems. Thats why I posted in this forum, hoping for some suggestion how to work around the problem.

Interesting, I’ve never seen that error at all.

Per when 2 vscode instance are open getting error "The connection to the terminal's pty host process is unresponsive, the terminals may stop working" · Issue #117542 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub and Often getting full window hangs · Issue #71966 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub it says this occurs though when one kills the terminal session with the trash icon?

Yeah, but for me, it makes no difference.
There is also other suggestion to avoid this issue.
One is to use a bash shell instead of power shell. Not working for me.

I managed to break the PlatformIo installation on my Desktop during my experiments.

Then I turned to my laptop and installed vscode and platformIo. My idea was to install a old version of VsCode from last year when everything worked well.

Unfourtnatly may Laptop only have USB-C connectors. I have a Belkin Media hub wich I connected. This hub have standard USB connectors so I can connect my hardware.

Unfourtnatly can I not install FTDI drivers… I think it depends on the hub …
So, I am stuck again… Sorry for wheening

So, now I finally got the serial connection to my ESP32 board working.

I also managed to upload the firmware a couple of times … then it stopped working. The old familiar error showed up again.

I hade experimented with the VsCode terminal settings when it started to work for me. This makes me to think that those setting can affect the behviour.

Can anyone share working terminal settings, like default shell etc.

In my settings.json for VSCode I have

    "": "C:\\windows\\System32\\WindowsPowerShell\\v1.0\\powershell.exe",

aka PowerShell for Windows and I have no problems.