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Is there a support chat channel for platformio?

Is there a IRC/Matrix/Discord/Slack or any other real-time chat channel in which the PIO team hangs on?
There is #platformio on IRC: freenode but I don’t think it’s official.
I think having a support channel on Matrix (more features) or IRC would be great as some questions are short enough to not be bothered with posting on a forum or opening an issue.

To be honest, I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.

The forum is searchable. If you have a small problem, that gets fixed in the forum, then someone else suffering the same thing, might do a search before posting, and find the solution.

Just a thought.


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this is intentional. Ofc this might not prevent users from creating ad-hoc support IRC (or Matrix or Discord…) channels, but that is what that forum is for, so that it’s also traceable.

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