Is PlatformIO IDE (on VScode) independent from Arduino IDE ? Can I uninstall Arduino IDE?

Hi everybody.

My main question is the topic tittle itself.

Anyway, trying other words:

Does PlatformIO IDE (on VScode) need to “grab” anything from Arduino IDE,
during or after its (PlatformIO) installation ?

Do I need Arduino IDE previously installed before installing PlatformIO on VScode ?

If PlatformIO IDE (on VScode) is Arduino IDE absolutely independent I can, for sure, uninstall it after installing the 1st one, right ?

Lots of thanks in advance,


You can uninstall the Arduino IDE, yes.



Anyway is it needed duringring platformio installation or, even there, it is not needed
for anything ?

I saw some videos stating Arduino IDE must be there at least during PlatformIO (VScode) installation.
Are they wrong ?

Thanks again.


PlatformIO has no need for the Arduino IDE. If it did, it would be listed as a requirement in the docs, and it isn’t. PlatformIO IDE for VSCode — PlatformIO latest documentation.

I have a VirtualBox VM which I use for writing books, which currently has PlatformIO installed but no Arduino IDE.

I would say that those videos you saw are indeed wrong.