Is Microchip ICD 4 supported?

I’m building a custom PCB based on Arduino mkr boards, so using SAMD21G. I have seen some information on how to use Atmel Ice programmer within, but anyone has insights on how to use the new ICD 4 with it?

PlatformIO supports what the underlying tools support. For debugging, that’s usually OpenOCD.

I don’t see OpenOCD support for a “ICD” probe though in GitHub - openocd-org/openocd: Official OpenOCD Read-Only Mirror (no pull requests). You can further ask in OpenOCD - Open On-Chip Debugger / Tickets to be sure.

I did not find anything with the “ICD 4 openocd” combination though. If an integration for that device is only integrated in MPLab and not available as a standalone program, it can’t be used in PlatformIO.

If you find any stand-alone commandline tool or whatever that lelts you flash abritrary binaries to the chip using this adapter, it can be used by using this. If you additionally find a tool that uses this debugger to open a GDB server, it can be used for debugging. As said, I found neither.

FYI- if you have a PICkit4, it can be put into “Atmel-ICE mode”…