Is it possible to rename a Platform?

Hi @ivankravets

Is it possible to rename platform name? We initially started with only GSM platforms but now we are adding support for more technologies like NBIoT and 4G LTE. I was wandering if we can rename the platform to something else which is more generic.

Ajay Bhargav


Just publish a new package and we will remove previous.

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Just to make sure I understand correctly, e.g. my current platform name is “abc” and I will now change name in platform.json and rename it to “xyz”. So the old abc will be removed and replaced with xyz. Is that right?

No, we can remove it for you. The new name == NEW DEV PLATFORM.

renamed siwigsm → logicrom

:slight_smile: what do you think of name? Though it can’t be changed now, but wanted a feedback.