Is arduino Lucky Shield supported?


I started using platformIO recently as I have started to have a few arduino yun’s and I wanted to reuse some of the code on the devices and a better way to develop.

On my new arduino yun I also added a lucky shield.

When I try to example code, it uses a Lucky.h and I don’t find that in the libraries.

As it’s the first time that I use a shield with platform IO. I have no idea how to do so.
IS that considered another board? Is it just the library that needs to be added? I don’t know.
I can’t find any information regardless of what I look for.


You need this libary PlatformIO Registry

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thank you. I did look for Lucky in the list, I could not find it, very strange…

I’ve added it 25 minutes ago :blush:

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haha. that explains a lot.

Thank you for such a service. I read somewhere that it was last updated 6 months ago.
I guess that is the library itself…


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