IntelliSense Index Rebuild stuck running forever after upgrading to 5.0.1

After upgrading PIO to version 5.0.1, the IntelliSense Index Rebuild runs forever. I’m using Visual Studio Code with Platformio extension. Steps to reproduce this issue:
-Create a new PIO project
-Modify platformio.ini (I added lib_deps to my private repo on github)
-Save platformio.ini file
-IntelliSense Index Rebuild will be stuck running forever. Can’t build or upload anymore.

I tried:
-turning off my wifi
-uninstalling and reinstalling PIO
-Closing and opening VSCode

This wasn’t an issue before the upgrade. VSC version 1.50.1

PlatformIO 5.0.2. with a lot of bugfixes was released recently. Can you upgrade the PlatformIO core and retry?


If this is still a problem, please report to with a reproducable example project.